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I have been studying and developing my skills as an Artist since I was a small boy watching my father create works of art. Ugly Hands Productions originated in 2003 after my first art showing entitled Color in the Valley, held in Stockton, California.
California customers will find me at most of the Jazz and Blues festivals in northern and southern California. To name a few, Monterey Jazz Fest is one of the oldest and longest running shows in the north, and Doheny Blues is one of the most popular Blues fests in the south. Many musicians like Jackeim Joyner, Dean James, Gerald Albright, Mindi Aabir, Buddy Jordan, Cecil Ramirez, Jere B., Jazzy J., and Ian Villafna have worn my Artist designed T-shirts over the years.  
Ugly Hands Productions, a well-respected company in Las Vegas area, specializes in original Jazz and Blues inspired acrylic paintings on canvas, silk screen t-shirts as well as other related products please visit on line store. 

Art Gallery 

Guitar Player

Instrumental Suites


Bird Song

Big Mama-T

Altered States

Comfort Zone




TFS & Mojo

Missing You

Bobby Bones

The Perfect Note

Costa Rican Nights

Midnight Cafe

Negative Blue

Genesis Red

Guess Who

Majestic Blue

TFS-E gold

Refl from the Past

Mojo & L n R

Carol's Listening

Picasso Sax

Mojo Finger Blue


Hey Dhar Gators

4th Dimension

Miles Away

Jam Session

Sax Sisters

Sax in the Nude

Rail Road Man


Closet Space


Closet Space


Heritage Jazz


S - kind of Red

The Conductor

Blues Booty

Sunset Dreams

Gentlemen Quarters

Genesis Blue

Mississipp Blues


S - kind of Blue


Sound of Color

Mojo Finger Red

The Thoght

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